Leptospirosis in cats is an extremely dangerous disease

Probably every owner of cats at least once, but faced with cases when his pet was ill. Most often, nothing serious happens to pets - a maximum will overcome the ear tick. But it also happens that the animal needs immediate veterinary care. So, leptospirosis threatens with terrible consequences: in cats this disease often ends in death, so it is clearly not worthwhile to postpone a visit to the veterinarian.


What is this all about? Dangerous disease caused by the microorganisms L.canicola and L. Icterohaemorrhagiae. The main risk for a cat stems from the fact that important internal organs - the liver and kidneys - are affected. This microscopic parasite enters the body with dirty drink and food contaminated with rodents' waste products. In addition, those cats that selflessly catch rats and mice have an increased risk of leptospirosis. Even drinking from a puddle where such a rodent has fulfilled its need, in almost 100% of cases leads to disease.

This pathology is extremely dangerous in that it is well transmitted from animal to human, so it’s in your best interest to know the main symptoms.


More or less realistically, only cats that don’t leave the house or apartment at all can be protected from the danger of infection. To do this, you need to regularly carry out deratization, set traps for rodents (if they are of course). Of course, you need to reliably prevent the cat from eating the poisoned bait. But practice shows that from time to time even purely pets get sick: the only 100% protection is vaccination. Fortunately, in recent years there have been a lot of preventive vaccines for cats.

First manifestations

Parasites do not manifest themselves immediately after infection. They gradually adapt to the body's immune system, their rapid reproduction begins. This is where the truth "pops up." The cat becomes lethargic, body temperature rises rapidly. Blood is detected in the urine of the animal. Sometimes the discharge generally acquires a brick hue and smells very unpleasant. Of course, cat excrement does not smell fragrant with roses, but in this case the smell from them is very disgusting.

Disease development

In general, in the future, these symptoms only "get stronger": parasites affect almost all internal organs, the cat gets up less and less, it becomes very phlegmatic. The eyes are cloudy, the temperature goes off scale, the cat refuses any food and drink without even smelling it. Often after this, severe, prolonged vomiting appears, caused by an ever-increasing intoxication of the body.

If you look at the mucous membranes of the eyes, mouth, and nose, then numerous, bleeding sores can open up to your eyes. The shells themselves at the same time acquire pronounced yellowness. The cat is constantly weakening, rapidly losing body weight. In the photo, such animals resemble dummies or skeletons covered in skin. Painful thinness immediately catches the eye.

In some cases (with a young and healthy body), a period of remission can occur, when all visible signs suddenly disappear, and an apparently healthy cat continues to enjoy life. During this time, he can infect all domestic cats with his infected urine, and the risk of disease of his owners is also very high.

Important! In general, even in specialized literature, leptospirosis is a little-studied thing. Very rarely (!) There really are cases of spontaneous recovery, but such a cat for a long time remains a dangerous carrier of the disease.

Diagnosis of the disease

Immediately we will disappoint everyone who "does not trust" the opinion of veterinarians: at home you simply cannot physically determine the presence of leptospirosis in an animal, as this requires complex serological tests and microbiological studies of pathological material. There is a considerable danger of confusing the symptoms of leptospirosis with signs of some tick-borne infection, so everything is quite complicated. Moreover, in case of delay, you will endanger yourself and your loved ones, since leptospira (as we said) perfectly affects the human body.

Therapeutic measures

As you probably already guessed, treatment can also be prescribed exclusively by a veterinarian, since not only specific drugs are required, but also a diverse approach to therapy, which should include not only the destruction of the parasites themselves, but also the maintenance of the body, which is greatly weakened by the disease, removal of severe intoxication and others activity. At home, you definitely will not put a dropper on your pet, and you will not be able to prescribe all the necessary preparations in this case either.

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