Flea and tick collar for dogs: the best choice?

With the advent of the Internet, most dog owners have become much more literate than twenty years ago: we know everything about external parasites, the dangers they pose and how to get rid of annoying bloodsuckers. One of these methods is a flea collar for dogs - simple, effective, affordable. But is the first and most common method of killing ticks, fleas and other "intruders" safe?
Any anti-flea collar for dogs is a tape saturated with a substance or substances that have a detrimental effect on parasites. For the active substance to work, the collar just needs to be put on the dog: the tape will heat up, the poison will gradually stand out, getting on the coat, skin and in the air.
After about two days, the pet is completely protected: the poison managed to stand out in such quantities so as not to leave the bloodsucker a chance. Penetrating into the sebaceous glands, the active substance is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the skin, and now the poison is not washed off with water, is not afraid of temperature changes and remains in the right concentration all the time while the dog wears a flea collar (you can not remove it even at night).
Minus one
But there remains a "small" problem: insects die only after they bite the dog. So, the risk of transmitting a dangerous disease (pyroplasmosis, helminths, etc.) remains. To prevent bites, manufacturers add repellent to the pesticide - now the anti-flea collar for dogs not only kills the parasite, but also repels it with an unpleasant odor, reducing the likelihood of a bite.
However, repellents, unlike poisons, quickly erode. After about a month, the “scaring” property almost disappears. But owners rarely notice the cessation of the repellent, as the parasites continue to die from the poison (the collar from ticks for dogs is usually designed for three to five months). That is, over the past months, pet bites and ticks, and fleas, and other bloodsuckers. They die quickly, cannot penetrate deeply under the skin and drink blood for a long time, but still bite: the parasite's saliva containing helminth eggs, protozoa, viruses, bacteria and other “joys” gets into the dog’s blood.

Minus second

In order for the anti-flea collar for dogs to work for several months, it is impregnated with heavy poisons - pesticides, agrochemicals and other, excuse me, muck. To the honor of manufacturers, the instructions provide complete information about side effects and composition of active substances. Immediate reactions include allergic dermatitis and swelling, itching, sneezing, salivation and lacrimation, excessive agitation, etc. The manufacturer warns that flea collars are not suitable for old and / or chronically ill dogs, lactating and pregnant bitches, puppies and pets recovering from illness. But only a few thoughtfully read the instructions, ignoring the advertising "safe, reliable, high-quality."
Manufacturers of even the best collars are silent about the delayed effects, and these are diseases of the thyroid gland, kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, etc. After all, the poison, absorbed into the subcutaneous layer, inevitably enters the bloodstream, spreads throughout the body and changes the cells of the tissues of the internal organs. Of course, if you use a dog tick collar only occasionally (for example, put it on the day before a trip to nature), such serious consequences are unlikely to occur. However, this method of protection is attractive precisely because it does not require constant monitoring and repetition of manipulations: put on and forget.

Minus third

Again, thanks to the manufacturers for their honesty - they openly write that their products are not safe for people. For example, you can’t sleep next to a dog (the collar cannot be removed at night, generously releasing poison into the air that the whole family breathes, including the pet). After contact with the pet, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to neutralize the effects of the poison remaining on the skin of your palms. We are warned that anti-flea collars for dogs can cause poisoning for a cat or small child (chewing the tip of the belt - urgently call an ambulance). Poisoning, by the way, is the strongest, up to convulsions and loss of consciousness. Some manufacturers even indicate the name of the antidote so that doctors can react instantly.


Despite the obvious risks (in fairness it must be said that many owners have been using collars for years, and no “horror stories”), most owners remain faithful to the first parasite remedy that appeared on the Russian market. Why?
  • it is cheap. The most expensive dog tick collar for dogs is cheaper than drops, since drops need to be applied monthly. Of course, we are talking about drops containing veterinary drugs, and not the same poisons from the time of King Gorokh for three pennies;
  • it's simple. As mentioned above, put on and forgot until winter. And drops and aerosols lei once a month, remember the date of last use, run once a month to the store, etc .;
  • it is hygienic. No need to wait until the coat dries. The dog, lying on the couch, does not stain the upholstery. And after an aerosol or drops, just see how you would rub your back against something valuable.

Know how

Relatively recently, anti-mite collars for dogs that do not contain pesticides have appeared. The tape is saturated with essential oils, the smell of which is unpleasant for blood-sucking parasites. Of course, they are less effective than traditional collar-exterminators, but biologically pure substances are completely safe. Such collars can be used simultaneously with drops (aerosols) if local fleas and ticks are especially hardy. Collars containing pesticides cannot be used in parallel with other protective equipment.
When choosing a collar or other means of protection against parasites, carefully read the instructions! If the composition contains the names of unfamiliar drugs, do not be too lazy to look for information on the network: effects on animals, effects on people, hazard class and so on. A detailed study of the selected remedy will take no more than an hour, and only an hour will help to maintain the health of the dog and your family members.

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