How can a person achieve harmony with a dog

All dog breeders know that the dog considers the owner's family as a pack. Therefore, to successfully raise a puppy, you must always remember this statement. And treat the dog accordingly. After all, it is customary to think that the dog came from wolves and jackals. And they have a strict hierarchy in the wild. The main leader is there. He is a leader. Everyone should obey and obey him. He gained his leadership through strength and intelligence. Perhaps that cunning. If someone in the pack thinks that the leader’s leadership can be challenged, clashes begin in the pack.

Most often, this ends with the leader once again proving his superiority over those who doubted. But it also happens that he has to give his place to another. More worthy candidate.

In the same way, everything happens in the relationship between a dog and a person. People who, by their nature, tend to humanize their pet, make an unforgivable mistake. And then they also accuse the animal of being ungrateful. To be a leader for your dog, you sometimes have to show your strength. The main thing is not to confuse the following: to demonstrate strength does not mean to beat. But sometimes you can raise the animal and shake it. After all, an animal that does not feel the floor under its paws, understands that it is in human power. As a rule, this is enough to prove your leadership to the dog.

If the dog lives with the children, then she considers them puppies. And in nature, adults can punish a baby without any regret. They can also do with children. One trainer told such a story. A three year old boy broke a washing machine. More precisely, her drum. The boy’s father began searching for car repair announcements, and his mother was preparing for a serious conversation with her son. The dog without hesitation, she decided to punish the baby. And then the mother enters the kitchen and sees that the dog is trying to bite the boy’s leg. The woman panicked and turned to her friend, who worked as a trainer. She was sure that it was impossible to leave the dog further in the house.

Now is the time to reassure the reader and report that this story ended well. The dog still lives with this family. People just understood why the animal did this. And took timely action. They turned to a dog handler and worked on some elements of dog training. In general, the main thing is to show the dog that the child should not be touched.

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