Dog choice: thoroughbred or mixed breed?

If you do not go into professional details, then all dog lovers can be divided into two camps: a). Among the first there are those who give preference to a thoroughbred dog; b) .second are 100% sure that a true friend is not burdened with a complex pedigree.

Necessary qualities of a pet

Firmly assuring that only a dog with a pedigree is suitable for you, you need to specifically determine the breed, each of which has its own qualities and shortcomings. But, understanding the shortcomings of the dog, do not forget about your own. And already in accordance with your own wishes and qualities, you can determine the required type of dog:

  • companion;
  • bodyguard;
  • the watchman;
  • a remedy for boredom;
  • part of your new image.

Breed advantages

Choosing a thoroughbred dog provides you with an initial advantage - literally from the infancy of your pet, you are able to predict its size or behavior. It is also important that each breed has its own diseases and predisposition to them. This will make it possible to take measures to minimize the possibility of illness.

Individual owners get a lot of pleasure from participating with their pet in various shows and exhibitions. Only a thoroughbred dog can bring such joy to its owner.

Maximum fun with minimal investment.

Nowadays, there is no free cheese even in a mousetrap, and a lover of a thoroughbred dog will have to pay a significant amount to achieve his dream. However, there are those who, at a low level of income, do not want to remain without a true friend. As a result, dogs appear near us, in which it is not possible to determine the breed.
It is generally accepted that a mestizo dog differs from its thoroughbred relatives in good health. But she has many other advantages:

  • unpretentiousness in nutrition;
  • excellent watchdog qualities;
  • quick adaptation to new conditions.

Due to the fact that their genotype is distinguished by the intricacies of a large number of very different ancestors, such dogs are usually distinguished by intelligence and quick wit. And in some cases, they are inherent and completely unique features.

Choosing a purebred puppy gives you the opportunity to not only get a real friend, but also become the owner and friend of your pet.

As for the exhibitions, now a lot of work is being done in different cities of Russia to organize special clubs that train and train mixed-breed dogs for their subsequent participation in demonstrations.