Does the cat have a soul?

Religious people believe that after death the soul of the righteous goes to a place where peace, peace and universal love reign. Is the soul of a cat sent there after death? And do animals have a soul at all? Of course, there are no definite answers to these questions. But there are assumptions that differ depending on what to believe in: science, one of the gods, karma.
All of the following are just theories based on the beliefs of people with different views on the universe. We do not set ourselves the goal of convincing the reader of anything. Each person determines for himself whether cats go to Paradise, whether animals have souls and how to survive the difficult period associated with the loss of a pet.

Science and soul

Someone will say: "Modern science does not recognize the existence of the soul in any state! What can I say?" Let's turn to the history. Science recognizes the existence of the psyche as a form of reflection by the subject of reality. The psyche is translated from ancient Greek as ... soul! That is, the soul is the psyche. In this case, does the cat have a soul? Of course, because there is a psychology of the behavior of domestic animals, there are zoopsychologists who are just studying the influence of the psyche on animal behavior.
Albert Einstein said: "The more I know the world, the more I believe in God." It would seem that faith in such an ephemeral concept as a soul is not comparable with science. However, hundreds of world-famous luminaries agreed with Einstein, and many modern scholars agree. From the point of view of some scientists, the soul of a cat, a person, and any other creature is electromagnetic impulses, a kind of energy, an aura that does not disappear after death, but reconnects with the energy field of the Earth or even the Universe. In this case, where do the souls of cats go after the cessation of physical life? They are probably transformed into a kind of energy that permeates all living things, that is, they remain somewhere nearby, held by the electromagnetic field of the earth.


The cat is mentioned in the Bible only casually. Jeremiah 1:21 “Bats and swallows and other birds fly on their bodies and on their heads, and cats also climb on them”. People who treat cats negatively often relish this fact: "It’s not without reason that the Bible says about all domestic animals, but nothing about the cat!” However, the clergy say that the cat in Christianity is not at all a negative character. And cats were not mentioned because of historical circumstances: the Israelis were deeply outraged by the servile attitude to cats of Egyptian neighbors. Thus, the Bible does not have a clear answer to the question: "Does the cat have a soul?" However, many clergymen treat these animals with special respect, considering them to be “pure” from God. A cat, for example, cannot be driven out of the church or forbidden to sleep near the altar.
As for the possibility of the afterlife for animals, disputes constantly arise. On the one hand, the scriptures mention that the soul of a cat (like any animal) and the soul of a person are two different matters. After death, a person can go to heaven, but the animal simply ceases to exist. However, saints are often depicted next to animals, eagles fly around the throne of God, some descriptions of Paradise indicate the presence of peacefully coexisting animals. Hieromonk Nectarius of Optina said that all cats go to Paradise in gratitude that during the Flood the cat saved all the creatures collected in the ark: one of the mice wanted to gnaw through the bottom of the ark, and the cat noticed something was wrong and stopped it in time.

Hinduism and Buddhism

Hindus believe that the soul of a cat after death, like the soul of any other creature, can go both to Paradise and to Hell. Where the Atman (spiritual essence) will go depends on the accumulated karma. For some time, the Atman is in Paradise, where he receives a reward for good deeds, or in Hell, where he pays for sins, suffering torment. Paradise for cats, humans and other creatures is one, because the Atman, that is, the soul, is not animal or human. After being in Hell or Paradise, the Atman returns to the world of people, falling into one of eight and a half million possible incarnations, from the simplest microorganism, plant, insect to humans, including stones and other inanimate (from the Christian point of view) objects.
The cat in Buddhism, as in Hinduism, is one of the incarnations. However, there is a fundamental difference. If Hindus believe in the existence of the Atman, i.e. souls, Buddhists deny the very fact of the presence in any being of a substance called the soul. According to Buddhism, everything around is just a continuous stream of Consciousness, taking various forms. There are no souls of animals or people, there is a general stream of Consciousness, particles of which are placed in the mortal shell. Paradise for cats, as for all creatures, is a kind of psychological state: we ourselves create Hell and Paradise, choosing one or another life path.
After death, the cat’s soul is reborn in one of six worlds: the world of hell, hungry spirits, animals, people, asuras (lower deities), deva (higher deities). The place of the subsequent incarnation, as in Hinduism, depends on karma.
There are dozens of different areas of Buddhism and Hinduism, according to which the answer to the question "Do cats go to Paradise?" can be both positive and negative. But this does not depend on the attitude to animals, but on whether the very existence of Hell and Paradise is recognized by followers of various movements.


The Qur'an teaches to be fair, merciful and tolerant towards all animals without exception. The Muslim cat is a positive character, since the prophet Muhammad singled out these animals: he allowed them to sit on their knees during sermons, drank water from dishes common with cats, even once cut off the sleeve of his robe, not wanting to wake the cat dozing on it.
But do cats go to Paradise? According to the Qur'an, no. Although animals have a soul, it is mortal, and turns to dust at the time of death of the physical membrane. Paradise is a reward for righteous people. A person is given a choice, he can determine how he lives. Animals of this choice are deprived, they do not need forgiveness and cannot be punished for their actions, since they act only on the basis of their nature. Therefore, they cannot receive rewards, that is, stay in Paradise.


The afterlife of a cat and religion are a matter of faith in one or another interpretation of the holy scriptures. The Bible, the Qur'an and the Vedas were written many centuries ago, thousands of times they were translated into different languages, ruled, rewritten. Even clergymen, answering the question confidently, without the slightest doubt, often cannot point to the source of their knowledge, which in essence is only a personal conviction.
An alternative to religious views on life and death is a touching legend, according to which all cats go to Paradise. It is believed that it is borrowed from Scandinavian mythology, but the author, unfortunately, is unknown. But this does not prevent the owners of animals around the world from believing in the best, remembering the left four-legged friends and hoping for a meeting. Someday.

Translation by Irina Petrakova

When an animal dies, especially if it was very loved by someone in this life, it falls on the Rainbow Bridge. There are endless meadows and hills on which our friends can run and play together. There is an abundance of food, water and sunlight, and there our pets are warm and comfortable. In this region, all sick and old animals turn into young and full of energy. Those who have injuries and injuries become healthy and strong again. Time flies for them imperceptibly, if only we remember them in our dreams and dreams. The animals there are happy and content with everything except one - each of them left earlier and left someone very dear to him in this life.
Animals run to the Rainbow Bridge and play carefree all together, but the day comes when one of them suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His eyes light up with fire, and his body begins to tremble with impatience. Suddenly he leaves his brothers, flies over the emerald green grass, and his legs carry him faster and faster. He noticed you. And when you and your beloved one finally meet, you hug tightly and tightly, happy that you have joined and will never part again. He will, laced with happiness, lick your face, your hand will again lovingly caress his head, and you will again look into the devoted eyes of your beloved, who has left your life for so long, but never left your heart. Now you can cross the Rainbow Bridge together ...

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