How to soak dry kitten food: tips and tricks

We decided to transfer the kitten to dry food and do not know where to start? First, you need to understand how, what and why soak dry kitten food.

Why do you need to soak dry food

Many owners have a question why they need to soak dry food, because it was produced in the form of granules, why not feed in a "natural" form?

There are several good reasons for soaking dry food, but the main ones are:

  • Complete digestion of food.
  • Feeding a kitten before changing teeth.
  • Training a cat to dry food.
  • Problems with teeth or gums.
  • Mixed feeding (natural and industrial feed).

What happens to feed pellets after a cat swallows them? Granules enter the stomach and begin to actively absorb acid juices, increasing in volume and at the same time the cat feels full. After, the pellet advances into the intestines, where the full digestion process begins.

For cats that are on a diet or poorly control their appetite, it is recommended to soak dry food. So the pet will quickly get enough and will not overeat. In addition, if the food is soaked in advance, the cat will not suffer from severe thirst after eating it.

If you have a kitten and you plan to transfer it to dry food, it is important to know two things: granules should not be given to kittens whose teeth have not changed and the type of food can not be changed dramatically.

  • The kitten physically cannot survive the granules of dry food with milk teeth, most likely it will break the incisors and damage the gums.
  • The kitten will swallow the granules whole, which will lead to overeating, bloating, indigestion and constipation.

When changing the type of food from natural or moist to dry food, granules must first be soaked so that the gastrointestinal tract adapts to a new type of food.

In this case, the soaked granules are mixed with the usual food. When accustoming kittens, mixing wet food in soaked dry food is carried out almost up to a year old.

If the kitten, for some reason, has a delayed tooth change or there are problems with the health of the oral cavity, chewing dry food can lead to pain.

When pre-soaking the granules, no negative effects occur. In this case, there is one caveat - when a cat eats exclusively soft food, its gums do not get enough load, which makes them friable. If your pet has problems with the oral cavity, do not delay, contact your veterinarian.

Mixed feeding is not recommended by veterinarians, but is practiced by thousands of cat owners. The essence of mixed feeding is that natural food is mixed with industrial food in one or different meals.

Why vets do not recommend this method of feeding? While the granules are filled with water and sink into the intestines, at least an hour will pass, natural food enters the intestines and begins to be digested within 20-30 minutes after eating. It turns out that with mixed feeding, part of the food will not be absorbed.

How and how to soak dry kitten food?

It is important to use metal containers to soak dry food. In plastic bowls, it is not recommended to soak the food, since it is poured with hot liquid. Heating the plastic can lead to chemical reactions, unpleasant odors and other unexpected consequences.

The fluids that can be used to soak dry food are:

  • Boiled water.
  • Low-fat broth.
  • Gravy from industrial canned food, diluted with hot, boiled water 1: 1.

Note! Dry food is not recommended to soak with warm milk, although according to the owners, many cats love this treat.

At the time of pouring dry food, the liquid should be noticeably hot. There are several reasons:

  • Granules soak faster in hot water.
  • At the time of serving, the food will be warm, and this provides a more attractive smell.
  • Many kittens instinctively refuse cold food.

The required portion of granules is poured into a metal bowl and poured with warm liquid for 10-15 minutes. You will see that the granules began to absorb water when they increase in volume.

Food can be given to a kitten when you can easily crush granules with a fork. Before serving, the food must be mixed so that it acquires a uniform consistency.

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