Blood collection at home for the dog: cost

The disease in the dog does not always have pronounced symptoms, allowing you to make an accurate diagnosis without the results of a blood test. In this case, the condition of the animal is quite serious, and getting to the clinic, especially the representative of large breeds, becomes problematic. Therefore, the optimal solution to the problem is taking blood from a dog at home, the cost of which can vary significantly in different laboratories. Therefore, it is necessary to navigate the prices so as not to overpay the excess.

Why do I need a blood test

The need to call a veterinarian to the house to take blood from a dog is due to the fact that without such an analysis, the correct diagnosis and effective treatment can be impossible in many cases. It is the assessment of blood composition indices that allows to identify the causes and prevent the development of unpleasant consequences, which in especially serious cases can even lead to death or very expensive treatment. And in such cases, even the highest cost of taking blood from a dog at home can not be compared with the financial losses and moral distress that may arise if such tests are refused.

Most often, a biochemical study is carried out, which allows you to determine:

  • condition of internal organs;
  • the correctness of their functioning;
  • the presence of inflammatory and other pathological processes.

Therefore, a timely blood test in most cases allows you to identify both the pathology itself and the concomitant diseases.

As a result of diseases or injuries, the biochemical composition, that is, the number of different blood cells, changes in one direction or another. Such a study is especially indicative if pathological processes affect the liver, kidneys, internal and mixed glands that secrete their secrets into the blood.

Service cost

The average cost of taking blood for dogs to analyze at home depends on the age of the dog. In addition, it should be borne in mind that for the analysis will have to pay extra at the prices of a particular laboratory. Therefore, the cost of such services is also desirable to know in advance.

The cost of taking blood from cats and dogs in Moscow and St. Petersburg is shown in the table:


Price, rubles

Adult dogs


Puppies and cats


Delivery to the laboratory


Laboratory analysis cost

105-107% of the list price

The indicated amount includes only a trip to the house and direct blood sampling. All other services are paid separately, and laboratory testing will cost 5-7% more than usual.

How to take blood

For some dog owners, the cost of taking blood at home, which is usually slightly higher than the cost of the same lab service, is a decisive factor when choosing a sampling option. Most are willing to pay more, if only not to injure the pet or spend their own time and energy on the trip.

Therefore, despite the increased cost, taking blood for dogs for analysis at home is a very popular service. And in order not to encounter a situation when you have to wait a long time for a specialist or overpay for another laboratory, which quickly services due to the high cost of services and lack of customers, you need not to delay the call of a veterinarian. As soon as the first signs of the disease appear and there is no possibility of delivering the dog to the clinic, you must immediately call the laboratory assistant.

Nowadays, regardless of price, taking blood for dogs for analysis at home is a painless way. Therefore, this diagnostic method is not only fast and very accurate, but also very humane.

Analysis is usually taken near the ear or foot. If you need a large amount of material, then a puncture of the vein is done on the lower leg or neck. Before the fence, the desired place is cut and disinfected, then a tourniquet is applied, which is removed after the procedure is completed.

Regarding the speed of the analysis, you should know that in some cases, the pathology is detected literally 10 ten minutes after delivery to the laboratory. But there are diseases in which a longer study is needed. In any case, in addition to making a diagnosis, this method allows you to establish the general condition of the pet and conduct the most effective restoration of his health.

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