Ultrasonic dog repeller: which is better

Ultrasonic repeller is a device that does not harm dogs, but at the same time reliably protects a person, maintaining a distance between him and the dog. To find out what their principle of action is, which of them are the best and what you need to pay attention to when choosing a model, you need to pay attention to the main characteristics and parameters.


Now on sale are two types of ultrasonic repellers: stationary and portable.

Stationary They are large devices, the purpose of which is to ensure the absence of dogs in a rather large territory (yard, private possessions, territory near shops and offices, spaces of kindergartens or recreation centers, etc.)

They are designed to simultaneously protect everyone who is on the territory, therefore they have a very large capacity. When choosing such an apparatus, one must take into account the radius to which the ultrasonic waves propagate. For the operation of these devices, an electrical connection is required, but some models are powered by solar panels. The cost of fixed installations is usually very high, but cheaper Chinese models can also be found.

Portable or pocket repellers are characterized by very small dimensions and light weight, so they are convenient to carry with you in your purse, briefcase or pocket. They are universal, because everyone can use them, regardless of age. Power is supplied by batteries. It is this type of repellers that is most in demand, as it provides individual protection of a person anywhere.

Operating principle

The mechanism is based on the fact that the hearing of dogs has a greater range than human. If the human ear perceives a sound wavelength of up to 20 kHz, then in dogs this figure is twice as high - up to 40 kHz.

Ultrasonic scare devices differ in power, and this is the most important parameter. The higher it is, the louder and more unpleasant the sound for the animal. At low power, the dog simply may not respond, and the radius in which the sound waves propagate will be too small, that is, the attacking animal may come too close to the person.

Specialists warn that ultrasonic repellers with very high power can cause side effects in the person who uses them. They appear in a headache or pain in the ears.

Selection options

Ultrasonic repellers operate in a range inaccessible to the human ear, and their power is measured only by special sensitive devices. It is practically impossible to double-check whether the declared characteristics correspond to the actual ones, therefore unscrupulous manufacturers may not adhere to them. For this reason, it is very important to buy similar products from trusted companies about which you can find real reviews.

Another important parameter is the effective range. It indicates at what distance the dog will experience the most discomfort from the emitted ultrasonic waves. In most cases, it ranges from 5-15 m.


The market offers a fairly large selection of ultrasonic repellers. To understand which one is better, you need to know the characteristics and parameters of each model.


  • Coverage - 5 m.
  • Power - 125 dB, frequency - 25 kHz.

On the front panel there is a tweeter from which a concentrated signal is generated. The CD-100 has an effective complement in the form of two fast flashing LEDs. This combination plays the role of another distracting maneuver in the dark. Pulsating flashes are unpleasant for the dog’s eyes, so they can lead them from an aggressive state into a state of confusion.

The repeller has a special training mode that does not harm the pet, but is able to wean it from the bad habit of biting furniture, tearing wallpapers, etc. It is convenient that all modes are turned on by a single switch.

Dazer 2

  • Power - 120 dB.
  • Coverage - 9 m.

The advantage of this ultrasonic repeller model is that ultrasound travels at a wide angle. This is necessary if a person is attacked not by one animal, but by a whole flock of dogs.

The device is equipped with a clip-clip for fastening on a belt or on other elements of clothing. This product has received certification in the United States and the European Union, which guarantees its reliability and high quality. In addition to dogs, it is used by fox hunters, wolves and bears. Moreover, its weight is only 100 g.


  • Power - 110 dB, frequency - 25 kHz.
  • Coverage - 5 m.

A device with record low parameters - it weighs only 30 g. Despite this, the life of the repeller is 10 years. Thanks to its modest size it is very convenient for children. It is actuated with a single touch, which saves time in a dangerous situation.

  • Power - 135 dB, frequency - 25 kHz.
  • Coverage - 6 m.

It has a pulse generator, which shows itself as more effective for scaring away dogs. The weight of the device is 85 g with a Krona battery. At the moment, it is the most powerful among the manufactured portable ultrasonic repellers. The manufacturer provides a warranty of 12 months.


  • Power - 135 dB, frequency - 20-25 kHz.
  • Coverage - 10 m.

The ultrasound of the repeller is accompanied by flashes of light, which is perceived by animals as a sign of danger. The device is multifunctional, it is used not only for deterrence, but also for dog training. The left button on the case starts the generation of ultrasound for training the dog. Pressing for 1-3 seconds, you can develop the desired reflex.

The middle button of the repeller is for launching ultrasound and light, and the right button is only for glowing the flashlight.


Irina Fomina:

“Since childhood, I am panicky afraid of stray dogs, and my way to work lies past a wasteland, where a huge pack always runs. For some reason, the idea to buy an ultrasonic repeller did not occur to me until my colleagues advised. I chose one of the most powerful. And although the animals don’t rush at me, it’s calm in my heart now when I pass by, because I feel protected. "

Yaroslav Makarenko:

"I bought a scarer after my daughter and I, when I took her to kindergarten, were attacked by a big mongrel. Thank you for the man walking past us. On the same day I bought a device to scare away animals, although I didn’t really believe in "But I’ve managed to make sure that it works several times! Besides, I use it as a flashlight when we go home with my daughter in the winter evening. It’s very convenient."

Inga Torina:

“My son goes to school and is alone from school, I have no way to take him out and meet him. We live in a private sector, where there are always a lot of dogs running, and what they have in mind is not known. Sometimes they calmly pass by, and sometimes In order to worry less about the child, I bought him an ultrasonic repeller. The seller advised an electric one, but these are schoolchildren, they can harm each other with this device while pampering. And high-frequency ultrasound will not harm the children, so I chose this model. double checked it nyagah they really ran away. "

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