How do cats drink cats?

Cats are a unique creation of nature. Flexible, agile, agile. Even the drinking cat looks elegant, barely touching the water with its tongue. In such an original way, they drink not only domestic, but also wild representatives of the cat family: lions, tigers, leopards, panthers. How do cats succeed?

Research scientists

Once, an employee of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Roman Stocker, was watching his kitty, Guta-Guta, lactating milk. The scientist was fascinated by the pet's easy movements and decided to carefully study this issue with his colleagues.

The results of the study were astounding.

It turned out that the drinking cat, using the tip of his tongue as a spoon. Its speed in this case is approximately a meter per second.

When the cat quickly bends its tongue, the fluid collects in a column, the height of which grows by inertia. Then the whisker closes its mouth to take a sip before the force of gravity destroys the column of water.

Curiously, large purrs lap more slowly. It is still unknown what this paradox is associated with.

Cats drink better than dogs

Cat lacquering technique is different from dog technique. Dogs grab the tongue of water and fill her cheeks. Unlike a furry friend, a fluffy does not splash some water. His face remains dry.

Drinking standards for cats

Adult Murka should drink 60 ml of water per kilogram of weight per day. If the mustachioed weighs 5 kg, then he needs more than a liter of liquid.

The beast receives it through food and small portions of water. Fluffy beauties quench their thirst in different ways. Some like faucet water, others like a special drinking fountain, and others a regular puddle.

You can enjoy endlessly when you see your favorite cat drinking.

Translation by Ryndina O. V.

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