Helavit for dogs

Helavit is a complex mineral supplement that will be useful for both large and small breeds of dogs of different ages. When adding funds to food, it compensates for the amount of necessary trace elements in the body that are responsible for the health and well-being of the pet.

The medicine has practically no contraindications, it is added to animals who have experienced stressful conditions, as well as for rehabilitation after prolonged therapy or surgery with large blood loss.

A few words about anemia

Anemia is a condition in which there is a decrease in the number of red blood cells, hematocrit, as well as the concentration of hemoglobin below the recommended values ​​for this species, age and gender. All this is diagnosed by taking blood for analysis.

Anemia can be a consequence of primary bone marrow disease, medications given, poisoning with chemical compounds with strong oxidizing properties as a result of blood loss, and also accompany chronic diseases, such as:

  • renal failure;
  • pathology of the liver and thyroid gland;
  • diseases of the adrenal cortex;
  • infection.

The diagnosis is always made by a veterinarian, he accurately determines the type of anemia and the correct selection of diet and medication. Iron deficiency anemia is often found in puppies that feed exclusively on mother’s milk, that is, it may be due to an insufficient amount of iron in the diet.

If animals do not receive raw materials, which are a natural source of iron, for example, fish, offal, flour, muscle and bone tissue, blood, eggs, sugar beets or green vegetables, together with products that interfere with its bioavailability in the body, that is, with food from high in calcium, supplements should be given.

The action of mineral additives

Researchers have found that the cause of metabolic disorders, and with it general health, is a lack of essential minerals:

  • gland;
  • calcium
  • copper;
  • cobalt;
  • Selena;
  • zinc;
  • manganese;
  • iodine.

When a four-legged pet was given a prophylactic mineral supplement with all these elements, digestion and absorption of nutrients improved, metabolism increased, puppies grew faster without any pathologies. In addition, it was an excellent prevention of mineral deficiency and related diseases.

The previously used feed additive, which consists of inorganic salts, does not lead to sustainable positive results for the prevention of anemia and other pathologies due to antagonistic reactions between minerals, their reduced bioavailability and inactivation of beneficial substances.

The main components are chelates

In Russia, the Helavit mineral complex supplement has been developed, which contains all the useful elements in its unique composition. There are no such drugs in the world. Chelated forms of minerals, which include trace elements along with amino acids, are characterized by good bioavailability. In this state, they are most soluble in liquids, they can be added in the right dosage to feed, water or milk.

This type of chelates prevents micronutrient deficiencies due to the hydrolysis reaction in the digestive organs, preventing the antagonism of minerals and the oxidation of beneficial substances. At the same time, the components immediately enter into metabolic reactions, which allows us to achieve very fast results of using Helavit with improper feeding, experienced stress conditions and various pathologies. It includes elements such as iron, iodine, copper, selenium, cobalt, manganese and zinc. All of them are absorbed by the body in full and compensate for the lack of the necessary macro and microelements.

The birth of healthy puppies directly depends on the state of reproductive function. The entire period of gestation and childbirth is a strong oxidative stress for the dog. In order to protect the body in this case, there are antioxidants, which include trace elements iron, copper and selenium.

If, when feeding a four-legged pet, the balance of nutrients is not observed, then various pathological conditions occur:

  • milk production decreases;
  • its quantity and quality are reduced.

This in turn affects growing puppies. Helavit helps to avoid all these problems.

Release form

Helavit dog vitamins are produced in the form of an aqueous solution of a saturated brown shade that does not smell anything. The liquid is Packed at the factory in plastic containers of 40 and 70 ml, which are packed in a container made of cardboard with the necessary labeling and detailed instructions. All bottles indicate the date of manufacture and expiration date.


The pharmacological properties of the drug are simple. Once in the digestive tract, it is absorbed into the stomach and intestines, and then spreads with blood to all organs and tissues. When diluted in a liquid, a solution is obtained, with active quickly useful substances, which instantly penetrates the body of the pet. Means:

  • does not affect the heart and vascular system;
  • does not accumulate in the liver and kidney tissues;
  • the residual mass of the drug is excreted along with feces and urine.

If you apply the supplement daily:

  • the work of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract improves;
  • quickly gaining weight;
  • metabolism improves;
  • immunity increases.

All the elements that make up the product significantly affect the condition of the skin and coat for the better, improving its appearance.

Indications for use

The tool is recommended for use in cases of the following pathologies:

  • iron deficiency anemia;
  • lack of trace elements;
  • weakening of vital activity after past illnesses, antibiotic treatment and surgical intervention.

Also, the mineral complex is designed for four-legged pets who ate unbalanced, unhealthy foods, suffered stressful conditions, and have a lack of weight. It is especially shown for dogs who are preparing for performances at various competitions.


Helavit is a complex in which there is only one contraindication - individual sensitivity to the active substances of the drug.

Overdoses that can sometimes occur when using the drug are harmless and do not lead to significant consequences. Diarrhea and loss of appetite are only rarely possible. Most dogs, due to lack of smell, do not notice the presence of an additive in food.

You can not use the tool in conjunction with other vitamin and mineral complexes, since their overdose can harm the general condition of the four-legged friend. If the animal eats dry food, it is necessary to calculate the amount of vitamins and minerals taken to prevent poisoning.

Instructions for use Helavita

Helavit for dogs is used in accordance with the attached instructions. Mineral fertilizer is poured into animal feed or dripped onto the tongue before eating. Doses depend on the size of the pet and its age.

Puppies are given 0.02 ml of the complex, small dogs - 0.2 mg, medium breeds - 0.5 mg, large breeds - 1 mg per day. Such dosages are used to prevent anemia, and during rehabilitation after surgery, previous infections and for the treatment of anemic conditions, the dosage should be increased four times.

The term of admission is not limited by anything, it depends on the reason for the use of the complex, the condition of the dog and the prescribed diet. After application for active treatment, the dosage should be reduced for four weeks and switch to maintenance therapy.

Some veterinarians prescribe a course intake of the mineral complex. Thus, the organism does not become addicted to the product, and natural immunity is stimulated.

Storage conditions and price Helavita for dogs

You can see the current price of the drug and buy it right here:

The mineral complex can be used three years after the date of manufacture, which is printed on the bottle. It is necessary to store the product at room temperature, far from heat sources, direct UV radiation and being close to food should also be avoided.

When not using the drug, it should be stored in a refrigerator. Do not let dogs or other animals play in order to avoid poisoning. The price of Helavit for dogs depends on the place of sale and packaging. So, a bottle of 70 ml can be bought in online stores for 152 rubles.

Owner reviews for Helavit for dogs

Marina, owner of the German Shepherd:

“My Alka underwent a serious operation, there was severe bleeding, the red blood cells dropped to 0.88. The doctor prescribed Helavit, and in less than three weeks the red blood cells jumped from 0.88 to 4.6. We took the increased doses for the first two weeks and then switched at the usual dosage. The drug works really, we got rid of anemia, today we have a normal value of red blood cells - 6, 75. "

Anna, owner of the corgi:

"My puppy was very poisonous. Anemia arose after the toxin. I decided to try Helavit, although the price seemed suspicious - too low. But doubts disappeared immediately after a week's intake, hemoglobin increased, and Zeta recovered quickly."

Stanislav, owner of the American pit bull terrier:

"I noticed that my Butch began to go bald, and the skin condition left me to wait for the best. On the recommendation of the veterinarian I began to add Helavit to the food. Now, Butch’s coat is smooth and shiny, his skin problems are gone. They took the drug, got rid of the problems, he liked the remedy." .

Veterinarian reviews

Sergey, veterinarian with 9 years of experience:

"I am prescribing Helavit to my patients, because I believe that this is the best anemia medication for dogs today. I recommend the drug to all owners of large, medium and small breeds. When applying, it is important to follow the recommended dosage, and the result will not slow down."

Andrey, veterinarian with 3 years of experience:

"Helavit is a good budgetary remedy for anemia in animals. The mineral complex quickly restores the normal value of hemoglobin, so I prescribe it to all dogs with anemia, as well as problems with hair. The product is well tolerated by adult animals and puppies without causing side effects."

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