Giskan-5: serum for dogs

Giskan-5 is a biological product containing antibodies against the plague of carnivores, as well as coronaviruses, parvoviruses and adenoviruses. It can be a real salvation during infection if treatment is started on time. The product can be used for adults and puppies, regardless of weight and breed. Before using Giskan-5 serum for dogs, read the instructions and consult your doctor.

Composition and form of release

The medicine is a serum with ready-made antibodies against plague, as well as parvovirus, adenovirus, coronavirus infection. They get it from the blood of large animals, for example, horses. The tool maintains immunity for 2 weeks. It is used to treat infection with the above infectious diseases. It is most effective in the early stages.

The drug is available in the form of a solution for injection. Liquid for injections can change color depending on the incidence of light from white-yellow to tan. Over time, sediment appears at the bottom, but it dissolves easily when shaken.

Giskan-5 dog serum is packaged in 2 ml glass bottles corked with a rubber cap. There are 10 bottles in the package, but in the pharmacy you can buy the necessary number of doses, since they are sold individually.

If the tightness is broken or an insoluble precipitate appears, do not administer the drug to the animal.

Indications for use

Suitable drug for prevention. It can be used in the complex treatment of life-threatening diseases.

The instructions for use indicate that the use of Giskan serum for dogs is necessary in such cases:

  1. An epidemic in the place of animal residence or a trip to a region with increased epidemiological danger. Preventive measures avoid serious health problems and mortal dangers. The dosage and number of injections in this case should be determined by the veterinarian.
  2. Taking a dog from the street for permanent residence or for overexposure. The animal can have a fatal infection, and the injected serum will help to avoid undesirable consequences.
  3. The need to leave a pet in a zoological hotel. Staying a dog in places where animals are crowded carries danger, and the drug will prevent it.
  4. Relocation of the dog to another kennel. The introduction of the drug as a preventive measure will prevent infection with dangerous infections.
  5. Departures to exhibitions or events where there is a large concentration of animals.
  6. For treatment with plague or enteritis infection, adenovirus infection. The doctor should prescribe the drug and calculate the dose.

It should be noted that the use of serum for medicinal purposes does not give a 100% guarantee of recovery. In most cases, when used in combination with other drugs, good results can be achieved. Effectively acts in the incubation period, so it is important not to delay the treatment and at the first sign to go to the clinic.

The drug can be used for puppies of any age and adults, including previously vaccinated.

Instructions for use

Giskan-5 is administered to dogs intramuscularly or subcutaneously, always using a sterile syringe each time.

The drug should be administered in such doses:

  1. For the prevention of plague, infection with adenoviruses, parvoviruses, coronaviruses for puppies and dogs whose weight does not exceed 5 kg, 1 ml of serum is administered once.
  2. To prevent infection with dangerous infections, pets weighing more than 5 kg are used once with 2 ml of the drug.
  3. For treatment, animals up to 5 kg are injected with 1 ml of the drug, weighing more than 5 kg - 2 ml. The procedure is repeated 1-3 times over a time interval from 12 hours to a day, depending on the characteristics of the disease, the age of the animal.

Only a doctor can prescribe the number of procedures and set the time interval between injections. If the drug is missed for any reason, you need to restore treatment immediately and then continue according to the previously established scheme.

Giskan-5 for puppies

The main feature and advantage of whey is that it can be used for puppies regardless of age. Dogs are not allowed to vaccinate up to 2 months of age, as immunity is not fully formed.

A biological product can be used for prevention and treatment. Numerous owner reviews about Giskan-5 serum on the Internet confirm that the medicine is a real salvation for small pets. If you start treatment in time, then the chances of recovery are pretty high.

Terms of use

When applying serum, several important rules must be observed:

  1. The procedure should be carried out by a person in special clothes.
  2. An ambulance must be at hand, especially during the first injection, when the reaction of the body is unknown.
  3. When using the drug for several dogs, a new sterile needle must be used for each animal.
  4. When carrying out the injection, only sterile materials and tools should be used.
  5. An open bottle must be used immediately. When using half the dose (for dogs up to 5 kg), the remainder must be disposed of.
  6. Before disposing of the remaining or expired medicine, it must be boiled for 15 minutes.
  7. It is forbidden to use Giskan-5 after the expiration date.
  8. Do not mix serum with other medicines.
  9. Giskan-5 is allowed to be used with antibiotics and medicines used to relieve symptoms.

During treatment, the first procedure must be carried out under the supervision of a doctor in a hospital. In the future, with the normal reaction of the animal, the drug can be administered at home, but observing the rules of asepsis.

Contraindications and side effects

There were no cases of drug overdose, but you should consult your doctor before use. Suitable for dogs of any age and weight. Serum does not have any particular contraindications, but it is not recommended to be used for animals with weak immunity if it is caused by chronic diseases or infections against which the drug does not work.

Side effects are sometimes observed:

  • temperature rise;
  • weakness and lethargy;
  • allergic reactions.

Hyperthermia is considered a normal body reaction to the introduction of serum. Usually during the day the temperature returns to normal without any intervention, when the body of the animal adapts a little.

Sometimes there are allergic reactions in the form of redness or rashes on the skin and other manifestations. In this case, before the injection, antihistamines should be given to the dog for 10-15 minutes. With a single use, you need to take an antihistamine after an allergy.

Precautions and storage rules

When working with a medication, it is important to adhere to simple rules and recommendations:

  1. Before using Giskan-5 serum for dogs for medicinal purposes and to avoid infection, read the instructions for use, including side effects, contraindications and other important points.
  2. When working with the drug, use rubber (latex) gloves and protective clothing.
  3. If the serum has got on the skin or mucous membrane, it is urgent to rinse the area with plenty of clean water.
  4. If the drug is accidentally introduced into the human body, wipe the injection site with ethyl alcohol and consult a doctor.

Giskan-5 can be stored at temperatures ranging from +2 to + 10 ° C. It is necessary to exclude hit of sunshine. An ideal place is the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, but do not allow freezing. Animals and children should not have access to medicine. When transporting whey, refrigerant must be used to maintain the required temperature.


You can see the current price of the drug and buy it right here:

The cost of packaging serum Giskan-5 will cost a large amount - about 1000 rubles. Although it is not necessary to buy the whole package (10 pieces), you can purchase the required number of bottles depending on the purpose (treatment or prevention). The price of one bottle ranges from 95 to 115 rubles.

Owner reviews


“A grown-up-year-old puppy came to us from acquaintances. We immediately took him to a new place of residence. There was a booth (private house) in the courtyard. Already on the second day, the dog became ill. He refused food, there was vomiting and diarrhea, the temperature rose. In the veterinarian prescribed Giskan. They pricked three times with an interval of a day. The dog recovered. Now we regularly get vaccinations. "


"The dog was vaccinated, but most recently caught parvovirus enteritis. It is very grateful to the veterinarian who attributed Giskan-5 to us. He saved the life of our pet. After a course of complex treatment, the puppy recovered and now does not remind me of mortal danger."

Veterinarian reviews

Victoria, veterinarian with experience:

"Many small puppies passed through my hands. They are defenseless against dangerous viruses. Giscan-5 is an excellent serum against plague and other especially dangerous infections. In my practice, there have been many cases where this medicine saved the lives of dogs."

Maria, the veterinarian of the capital's clinic:

"This serum contains ready-made antibodies. I always prescribe it for enteritis and plague, especially for small patients (puppies). But the remedy is effective only in the first 2 days after infection, so consult a doctor at the first signs of the disease."

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