A dog of this breed is distinguished by its leadership ability. This is a necessary quality, if necessary, grazing a herd of sheep and reflection of predators. But there is a minus in this fact - Beauceron has a great sense of superiority over other animals. Although in any case, Beauceron is a loyal and reliable friend, he always follows the owner and feels his mood. With obvious distrust and apprehension refers to outsiders.

The country of origin of the dog is France.

History of breed origin

The first mention of a similar dog dates back to the 16th century, but, unfortunately, there is no reliable history of the origin of the breed. According to one version, they are descendants of the so-called "peat" dog. On the other - their ancestors are ordinary wolves. Most likely, the dog was not specially bred, it became the way we see it now, thanks to natural selection. The breed was recognized only in the middle of the 19th century, then in 1863 the standard was recognized for it and the name Beauceron (short-haired shepherd) was assigned. Longhaired representatives of the breed are called briars. In the future, the challenge for the breeders was to consolidate the necessary exterior qualities, the ability to serve, and fighting skills in the breed.

At the beginning of the 20th century, a club of fans of this breed appeared. During the formation of the breed, as soon as the French Shepherd was not used as a shepherd, hunter or watchman. During World War I and World War II, these dogs established themselves as excellent bloodhounds that found enemy mines and followed the trail. Today, beauceron is incredibly popular all over the world. An exception, only Belgium, there the breed is almost unknown.


Dogs are large enough, with a long head and slightly convex skull shape. The chest is wide, powerful. The back is straight. A distinctive feature is the dewclaws on the hind legs. The coat is short, stiff and shiny. The undercoat is very warm. Ears are hanging, short are cropped. The long tail does not stop.

Needs constant attention and communication. Able to complete dedication. May be slightly stubborn and wayward. These dogs are balanced, smart and obedient. Some believe that they are prone to aggression, perhaps given their ancestors. But, usually, there are no problems with a well-mannered beauceron.

Training and physical activity

The Beaucerons are superbly trained, they love the process of training and easily learn commands, but only if the training is based on constant material consolidation and praise. These dogs are very hard on coercion.

It is also worth considering that they need early socialization. They grow up very late, you will need patience, understanding and moderate perseverance in education.

Beauceron’s attempts to take the lead must be stopped immediately. In addition to good physical exertion, the boseron needs intellectual tasks. The dog loves long walks, active games and all kinds of exercises. But it is not worth overloading it. If you notice that the dog has lost interest in the game, praise her for her work and let her have fun.

Purpose of the breed and training

The direct purpose of beauceron is grazing animals. However, in a city, he can become a family favorite, travel companion. Well suited to people leading an active life or living outside the city.

Restraint and leadership qualities are what make Boseron the ideal watchdog. Among other things, this dog will definitely scare away the attackers with its size and threatening appearance. Usually, Beauceron calmly refers to strangers in the presence of the owner, but if the dog sees that the owner is in danger, he can no longer be stopped. The dog will defend the loved one with all possible ferocity.

Beauceron is successfully used as a service dog in the army and police, and sometimes "works" as a bloodhound. In France, he was often trained to search for truffles. But besides this, a smooth-haired shepherd is an excellent companion and a good watchman. Beauceron is a bold and independent dog. Very attached to the owner. Cowardice to strangers can be manifested in the character, it is necessary to pay attention to this when educating in order to prevent cowardly-aggressive behavior, to which outbred dogs are more prone. The shepherd treats children with care and affection, but due to its mobility during the game, it can push or scratch the baby. It's hard to say about getting along with other animals, usually there are no problems if they grew up together, if the animals were already in the house, some tension in relations and a struggle for leadership may arise.

The far-sighted and thoughtful beauceron copes equally well with protection and surveillance. He is always ready to stop an attack on the owner or to defend the territory entrusted.

If brought up properly, the dog will become a fun, playful companion who loves all family members. Beauceron often restrains his feelings, but he is devoted to the person unconditionally and will catch the slightest changes in the mood of the owner in order to accordingly respond to them. This is a serious, psychologically complex breed of dog. Therefore, the owner of Beauceron must have such a set of qualities as:

  • patience;
  • respect;
  • judiciousness
  • reasonable rigor.


Beaucerons (French Shepherd Dogs) are absolutely unpretentious in food, they can be fed with natural or prepared food, depending on which option is more convenient for you. Life expectancy up to 14 years.Dogs of this breed are in good health. Of the typical diseases, one can distinguish congenital heart disease, hip dysplasia, inversion of the stomach, sometimes there are lesions of the nervous system.

Maintenance and care

Beauceron can be kept in residential conditions, if you provide him with a good range. When street maintenance, the booth should be well protected from drafts and insulated. Thanks to the good undercoat, these dogs tolerate winter well. He feels quite comfortable in the aviary under any weather conditions. Naturally, the booth should be warm, protected from drafts and rain.

If you can devote enough time to the dog, you can keep it in the apartment. But remember that they say about Beauceron - "lord of the fields", which means that he needs space and freedom.

A long walk is the minimum that is needed for Beauceron. In general, the dog needs more active exercises. Take it with you if you like:

  • swimming;
  • jogging;
  • energetic games;
  • bicycle rides;
  • other active spending time.

For Beauceron, this will be a good addition to physical activity. A power walk in the park alley is not for this dog. The animal needs to get rid of energy to the fullest. Only then the pet feels satisfied morally and physically. In the care of wool, the Beaucerons are absolutely not demanding. It is enough to comb them periodically. During the period of seasonal molting, of course, a little more often. They bathe very rarely in case of emergency.

You should know that beauceron is a smelling dog. At times from the animal it carries the dog so strongly that the smell is absorbed into household things. Therefore, despite the fact that the animal, in principle, does not need frequent care, a person needs it.

You can use the bathroom to wash the dog, although in the summer, water from a hose in the yard plus shampoo is also suitable. It is even better to wash the boseron in the yard than at home, because the smell of wet wool is a dubious pleasure for the owner. Of course, all this is necessary only if you are worried about the mess and smell in the house.

How to choose a Beauceron puppy

For busy, inexperienced dog lovers, kind and kind-hearted people, the Beauceron breed of dog is not suitable. Therefore, study the features of the animal, evaluate your capabilities and only then go on a quest. There are few nurseries breeding a breed, and breeders too. Therefore, acquiring a Beauceron puppy can be difficult.

The price of beauceron depends on the class. A puppy of a pet class costs about 10,000 rubles, and a show is already 40-50 thousand rubles.

If you liked the puppy, examine it, observe the behavior of the baby. Check your dog's documents and vaccination certificates.


Photos of Beauceron:

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