How many years have Maine Coons lived at home

When a Maine Coon kitten appears in the family, the newly-minted owners inevitably ask themselves: How many Maine Coons live? After all, the pet becomes a full member of the family and the desire to not part with it for many years is perfectly understandable.

It is often believed that the life span of thoroughbred cats is shorter than their outbred relatives - the latter are better adapted to environmental conditions, have fewer genetic diseases and generally have better health, and therefore live longer. Is this really so and what health complications can a thoroughbred Maine Coon be in wait for?

Maine Coon Life: Myths and Reality

Among some inexperienced Maine Coon lovers, there is a myth that cats of this breed live very little: sometimes they are called figures of 5-6 years, or even 4 years. There are several versions where this idea grows from:

  1. Most often at the exhibition you can meet young cats and cats that are in full bloom and have not yet completed their breeding and exhibition career. Around the age of 6-7 years, they are sterilized or neutered, and they remain in the nursery or find new owners, and for a long time live a full life. This may lead to the idea that Maine Coons live a little, in fact, they simply cease to be in sight.
  2. There is an opinion that thoroughbred animals have poor health due to the fact that the genotype is not updated, various hereditary diseases form from generation to generation, and for this reason the life time of Maine Coons is not too high. In part, this fear has its reasons, however, conscientious breeders closely monitor the health of animals that are allowed for breeding and, in order to avoid degeneration of the breed, conduct careful selection.
  3. Another version, according to which it is believed that Maine Coons do not live too long: the large weight and size of the animal. There is no reason to trust such an opinion, it arose by analogy with large dog breeds. The fact is that among dog breeders it is known that large dog breeds live less than small ones. This does not apply to cats at all: each breed has its own characteristics and difficulties, but this has nothing to do with its size.

It is quite difficult to answer the question exactly how long Maine Coon cats live at home: after all, in our country they gained popularity relatively recently, about a dozen years ago, so a large amount of statistical data has simply not yet been accumulated.

According to European and American experts, for decades working with this breed, on average, Maine Coon cats live 14-16 years. Maine Coon cats live a little less: their life expectancy is from 12 to 15 years.

How old do Maine Coons grow

Most owners tend to care about another important point: how old are Maine Coons? Final psychological and physiological maturation occurs only in three years - around this age, puberty begins. However, in another year or two the animal will grow foul: his chest will expand, his muscle mass will increase, and his weight may increase slightly. So 4-5 years is the age of maturity, when cats are active, full of strength.

The oldest maine coon

It is known that cats and cats of this breed often live up to 20-22 years. And the most famous Maine Coon - veteran Velvet from the US state of Oregon in 2015 at the age of 26 was included in the Guinness Book of Records. The photos presented on Velvet’s personal page on Instagram told that he lives a very full life for such a venerable age.

When he turned 27, he left home - since then the owners did not see him and considered that he was dead.

The reasons for the death of Maine Coon

The myth that Maine Coons do not live long is also associated with fairly common causes of their early death.

Fall from high altitude

Having some features in the structure of the body, it is difficult for Maine Coon to stay on narrow railing or sides, and in combination with absolute fearlessness, this feature is often worth the life of an animal. Like other cats, they do not know how to roll over when falling on their paws, therefore, unfortunately, they break.

The owners should be especially careful not to leave open windows and loggias in the apartment where the pets live, and it is best if the windows have a special anti-cat grille.

Poisoning, suffocation and injury

Due to their curious nature, not only kittens, but also adult cats often climb into inaccessible places where they can get serious injuries. For the sake of the game, they get various small items that are at risk of choking.

Poisoning happens by household chemicals, so you need to carefully hide everything that could be a potential danger to the animal.

Poor feed quality

It is categorically not recommended to feed animals with feeds of dubious quality: as a result, their life expectancy is sharply reduced, and the risks of various diseases increase significantly.

If the choice is made in favor of ready-made dry feed, then this should be premium-only feed. You can feed Kuna with natural food, but then the diet should be carefully balanced and not contain harmful components.

How to extend the life of Maine Coon

The key to long life of Maine Coon is good quality nutrition, proper and timely care, and health care.

In general, representatives of the Main Coon breed have good health and live a long time, while maintaining a cheerful and cheerful disposition, but some diseases are still inherent in them. Most often they are prone to heart disease., sometimes joints and bones suffer in animals, the development of renal pathologies is possible. This should not be scared, in order to maintain the health of the pet, it is important to provide him with quality veterinary care and pay attention to alarming symptoms. Fortunately, Coons do not get sick so often.

Do not feed the animal: overweight is a direct way to shorten its lifespan.

For health and a long, happy life, cats and cats need to move a lot, climb, run and jump. Coons live in motion, therefore it is not worth getting such an animal if there is no way to provide him with enough space. It’s great if the owners provide the pet with a special complex where he can climb, hide and watch what is happening from above. The room where the cats live should be safe.

If participation in breeding is not planned, sterilization of the animal will be the right decision - on average, neutered animals live longer.

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