The cat is wet under the tail - what to do?

The cat is in the spotlight all the time. It is not possible to ignore her. Yes, she often reminds herself of herself. If the cat is wet under the tail, the owner will immediately pay attention to it.

This situation is not necessarily related to something bad. First of all, you need to understand whether spilled oil or another substance is the cause of the problem. The cat could just get dirty. But if it’s wet constantly under the tail, there can be several reasons.

Natural cause in cats

Perhaps the cat has a wet tail due to the beginning of the reproductive estrous cycle, which is popularly called estrus. A similar condition occurs in cats during sexual arousal. At this time, the animal’s body prepares for the process of mating, fertilization and pregnancy.

The small river passes in 4 stages:

  • proestrus - takes 1-3 days, the cat attracts cats, but does not let them close;
  • estrus - lasts about 5 days, mating occurs;
  • diestrus - 2-19 days, excitement subsides, most often pregnancy occurs;
  • anestrus - sexual rest.

The selection under the tail appears at the mating stage. At this time, the animal does not look like itself, purrs, shows excessive tenderness. It often licks its genitals, from which a clear secret is secreted. The first estrus can begin at the age of 4 to 18 months, depending on the breed. What to do in this case?

There may be several options. The cat can be reduced to a male, sterilized or wait until everything goes by itself. But for this you have to be patient. Usually estrus passes in 5-15 days. If this does not happen, you should contact your veterinarian.


If estrus does not stop for a long time, a uterine infection can be suspected in a cat. This is a serious disease that threatens the life of the animal. You can’t do without veterinary control.

There is a pyometer due to hormonal changes that occur in the genital tract of a mature cat. The cause of the disease is often a pregnancy that does not occur within a few leaks. During estrus, the cervix is ​​slightly open. Because of this, bacteria enter the genital organ. If the walls of the uterus are thickened due to unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant, bacteria begin to develop in them.

Infection is manifested by purulent vaginal discharge. They can be seen under the tail, on the wool, on the bed.

If the disease is confirmed, a specialist will recommend removal of the uterus with appendages.

The problem with the anal glands

Cats quite often have problems with the excretory system. If a cat has a wound under the tail that is not associated with an injury, you should consult a veterinarian. It can be caused by blockage of the sebaceous glands near the anus.

The disease is called inflammation of the paraanal glands. Secret from glands spreads throughout the body and leads to inflammation of neighboring tissues. An abscess appears. Without treatment, it can make it difficult for the cat to use the toilet. Then there is a blood poisoning.

With inflammation of the glands under the tail, you can notice discharge with a strong odor, ulcer, fistula, bump.

The problem is treatable with medication and gland cleansing. To prevent it, it is important to balance the cat’s nutrition, monitor the condition of the sebaceous glands. Then under the tail will not be wet.


Not only adult cats, but also kids can get sick. So, if the kitten under the tail is very wet, it most likely has cystitis. In this case, not only the back will be wet, but also the legs and tail. The kitten loses a lot of fluid, which is important to replenish. The reason lies in poor kidney function.

Treatment should be prescribed by a veterinarian. With proper therapy, the body will recover within a few days.

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