What is needed for a kitten in an apartment?

The appearance of a little kitten in the house is certainly a joyful event. Now he will wait for the arrival of the owner, fall asleep on his knees, purr in the palm of his hand and ask him to play. He comes into the house to live in it and delight a person. And a person must prepare a house for this defenseless baby so that he is happy in it. Here are detailed tips on what a kitten needs and how to choose it.

First of all, a kitten will need a place where he will sleep, eat and go to the toilet. It must be remembered that he is a living being with his needs.

For growth and development, he must fully eat and drink clean water. Therefore, it is better to immediately buy two different bowls - deeper for water, flat for feed. Best fit:

  • glass
  • earthenware
  • enameled.

In plastic bacteria grow very quickly, which lead to the appearance of untidy black jam on the face. If buying a separate cat bowl is expensive, then the old small salad bowl for water and a saucer for food are perfect.

By the way, food should be bought in bags with the age of the kitten already set. It includes everything that a growing body needs and has a long shelf life. Better immediately, before the kitten arrives, to purchase several different bags, especially since the price is modest - about 10 rubles. Over time, the pet will have taste preferences, preferences. Water is suitable bottled drinking. It must be changed as often as possible, avoiding stagnation, depending on pollution 2-3 times a day.


To live comfortably for a cat in an apartment you need to find a place for a toilet. Today in stores you can choose a cat toilet in color, depth and size. When choosing a toilet, one must remember that the kitten is small and cannot jump high. A shallow shape or recessed tray is best. Do not buy something expensive or very cool, because after 3-4 months the cat will grow, get stronger and he will need a new toilet. The toilet itself needs to be changed twice a day and washed once a week with cleaning products, rinse and dry well after washing.

It is better to solve the issue with the filler in advance and purchase the one that is already known to the animal, such as the hostess had. If this brand is too expensive, do not like it, then you need to accustom to a new filler gradually. Replacing them with an increasing amount of tray contents.


A carrying bag is not a luxury, but the ability to transport an animal in comfort. After all, any ride is stress for the animal, and even more so if it is on hand, frightened by passers-by, dogs. It can break out, damage its delicate bones or just be very scared.

Carrying bags have a number of undeniable advantages.:

  • They have handles for easy wearing.
  • The walls of the bags are not transparent, which gives the cat a sense of security and the ability to hide or fall asleep.
  • Plastic bags protect the animal from being squeezed and accidentally hit.
  • Convenient doors will allow you to gently get the cat out without causing her any inconvenience.
  • Transparent windows allow you to control the condition.


Experienced owners, choosing from the list of what is needed for a kitten, will definitely remember about a nail clipper. If he lives in an apartment, without the opportunity to walk in nature, then the need to sharpen his claws will quickly become a problem. First wallpaper and curtains, then sofas and armchairs - everything will be in puffs and will get a shabby look. Gently trim the kitten's nails without injuring the paws with a special tool.

Scratching post

If you don’t want to cut nails or don’t succeed, then a specially equipped game corner will come to the rescue. You can buy it in a store, order it to masters, or even make it your own model from the network. In any case, it should be made of natural details - wood, hemp, burlap. The parts are fastened with silicone glue or large nails with a decorative cap.

Veterinarians advise to pay attention to:

  • The lack of smell, it should not be. This will push the kitten away and become a source of allergies for humans.
  • Strength. All parts must hold tight, the edges are firmly sewn, and the shelves and pipes can withstand the pressure of the hand of an adult.
  • Security. All surfaces must be carefully stroked with your palms in search of un hammered nails, staples and other things. If there is a stabbing, scratching it will certainly damage either the mouth or foot.
  • Sizes. The house should not be tiny so that the kitten is not stuck or bored.

House or place to sleep

It is not always necessary to arrange a personal house for a kitten so that he feels comfortable. Sometimes a warm blanket on an armchair, an old knitted sweater is enough. The main thing is that it is dry, warm and safe.

But still, so that the cat and then knew his place in which he can sleep, it is better to purchase a house. This will solve the problem of falling asleep on clean or ironed things, wool on them.

The house for the appearance of a kitten and accommodation you need to choose soft, from natural fabrics of soothing colors. Necessarily need an entrance, without curtains and doors to ventilate it. The place to sleep should be regularly fried in the sun and washed.

Care products

Any animals should be looked after - combed out hair, wash. Special combs are sold - carbs that help to prevent hair from getting into the stomach when licking. You can comb out an animal every day. He will like it.

Shampoos for animals have a special composition, which additionally helps to get rid of parasites and improve skin and coat.


A little kitten is a cheerful and agile child, in need of games, entertainment. Clockwork toys, balls and other things will help train running, jumping, and hunting skills. And in joint games, an excellent accessory will be a decoration on a stick, something rustling, soft. To make friends faster, set the kitten a place and time for games.

In stores you can also find useful toys made from vitamins and nutrients of a rodent.


Timely vaccinations and means to eliminate parasites will help maintain health and give the joy of playing with animals. A healthy kitten is a great friend and cheerful neighbor.

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