Bowls for cats: the pros and cons of different types

One of the most significant aspects in caring for a cat is the proper selection of its nutrition. It affects not only the mood of the animal, but also its health and longevity. But many forget that proper nutrition, in addition to high-quality food, also includes a good bowl.

There are three main types of these products:

  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • ceramic and porcelain.

Each of them has advantages and disadvantagesthat a caring owner should know about in order to purchase the best pet product.

Metal bowls for cats are the most practical, because they are quite heavy, and it will be difficult for the animal to turn it over. In addition, they do not accumulate static stress; therefore, they are well suited to long-haired breeds.

The disadvantages of the product include noise, which can produce a bowl in a collision with other objects or when tipping over. And this can scare some especially nervous pets. When buying this thing, you should also pay attention to metal: stainless steel will serve the animal for a long time, but iron can quickly rust.

The most common are plastic bowls for cats. They have the widest range of shapes, sizes and colors, so everyone will find what he needs. In addition, they are the cheapest, therefore, you can purchase several products at once, put the main feed in one, and treats for cats in the other. But if such dishes are made of low-quality plastic, then they can cause an allergy in a cat.

Another minus is the accumulation of static voltage. This is especially noticeable in animals with long hair. Also, plastic bowls retain heat much worse than dishes made from other materials.

Ceramic and porcelain products are perhaps the most versatile. They serve for a long time, without wearing out, and are very popular with pets. In addition, they are quite heavy and stable, so they are almost impossible to overturn. Ceramic and porcelain dishes for cats are more expensive than metal and plastic, but not so expensive as to completely abandon such a product.


Regardless of which type you prefer, you should pay attention to the depth of the bowl. It should not be too deep so that the cat does not have to take an uncomfortable position. Form also matters. Some pets do not like their whiskers to touch the sides of the dishes. Choose a rectangular model or a larger diameter product for them - and your pet will be grateful to you.

Ceramic bowl Flamingo - the best bowl for a cat

Ceramics are ideal for cat bowls. A heavy and stable white ceramic bowl with a design pattern. The cat will not be able to move it while eating. The bottom shows a cat surrounded by fish skeletons. The same skeleton drawings are on the outer sides.

A bowl of sufficient diameter is 12 cm. The height of the sides is 3.5 cm. Ceramics do not absorb extraneous odors and are not oxidized. The bowl is easy to wash.

  • Plus: the model is made of environmentally friendly material.
  • Minus: dishes may break.

Price: 348 rub. Buy

Bowl rating - a list of popular models with features

  • Savic "Cibo" - melamine bowls for cats;
  • Trixie with a rubberized bottom - metal;
  • Ferplast IZAR - double bowl;
  • Dezzie "Arc" - on a stand;
  • Savic bowl "Whisker Water" - for cats with a flat face;
  • Dezzie "fish-shaped" - on a stand;
  • Hello Kitty with two sections;
  • Karlie Flamingo "Ring" - stainless steel;
  • ROGZ Fishcake with anti-slip bottom;
  • Trixie Cat Princess - Ceramic.

Savic "Cibo"

Modern design bowls from a Belgian manufacturer suitable for water and feed. The feeders are made of high quality non-toxic plastic - melamine. They are easy to wash and clean.

Bowls without a pattern are made in white and black. The original form with sides of uneven height is the only decoration of the model. The bowls have a rubberized base, thanks to this they are very stable and do not slip even on smooth surfaces.

  • Plus: lightweight.
  • Minus: high price.

Price: 741 rub. Buy

Trixie with rubberized bottom

A high-quality stainless steel metal bowl is particularly resistant. The bottom of the bowl is rubberized, the bowl does not bend or slide on the floor. The bowl has a volume of 450 ml., This volume is enough for an adult large cat. Designed for water and feed.

  • Plus: easy to clean.
  • Less: make a noise that cats are afraid of.

Price: 206 rub. Buy

Ferplast IZAR

A double ceramic bowl made of ceramic with a funny design - “with ears”. Suitable for the simultaneous supply of water and food for cats. It has rounded outlines and cute "ears". The bowl is decorated with images of smiling kittens. The volume of each compartment is 230 ml. Easy to clean. Dimensions: 21.5 x 12 x 2.5 cm.

  • Plus: dishwasher safe.
  • Minus: food can get into water.

Price: 717 rub. Buy

Dezzie "Arc"

Stainless steel bowl on a plastic stand. Volume - 150 ml. The raised shape of the dishes allows the animal to eat and drink water without straining the muscles of the neck. The bowl is easy to clean and dries quickly. The stand has an anti-slip bottom so that the cat cannot move the feeder from its place. Product dimensions: 17x13x5 cm.

  • Plus: comfortable design.
  • Minus: small feeder.

Price: 341 rub. Buy

Savic Bowl "Whisker Water"

The plastic bowl "Whisker Water" has a convenient oval shape. Best for flattened cats and kittens. The bottom of the bowl is embossed - especially so that the food is not scattered. The bowl has dimensions: 19x15x5 cm.

  • Plus: comfortable shape.
  • Minus: high cost.

Price: 804 rub. Buy

Dezzie Fish Shaped

The original designer stainless steel bowl on an artificial nubuck stand will become a real decoration of the interior. In addition to the aesthetic component, the bowl has antibacterial properties. The nubuck stand does not fade in the sun and is resistant to mechanical damage.

The dishes are easy to care for, just wash the bowl under running water, and wipe the nubuck cover with a damp sponge. Product dimensions: 22 × 16.6 × 6.5 cm. The volume of the vessel - 200 ml.

  • Plus: stylish look.
  • Minus: high price.

Price: 1166 rub. Buy

Hello Kitty with two sections

The ceramic bowl from the Japanese manufacturer has two sections. Suitable for feed and water. The product is made in bright red color, decorated with a logo in the form of a cat's face with a bow and company logo.

The bowl is heavy and very stable. Sections are located at a distance from each other, the feed will not be able to get into the water. Easy to clean, not oxidized. Product dimensions: 27 × 13 cm.

  • Plus: dishwasher safe.
  • Minus: it can break.

Price: 800 rub. Buy

Karlie Flamingo "Ring"

The metal bowl "Ring" has a perfect round shape. Product material - high quality stainless steel. The capacity of the dishes is 250 ml. The diameter of the bowl for water and feed is 10 cm. The bottom of the bowl is made of anti-slip material. Easy to clean and clean.

  • Plus: dishwasher safe.
  • Less: rattles, can scare cats.

Price: 430 rub. Buy

ROGZ Fishcake with anti-slip bottom

The ergonomically shaped plastic green bowl has an original design. The special shape of the vessel ensures the safety of a cat's mustache, and additional inner sides prevent splashing of water and food.

The model is made of modern plastic - melamine. Melamine is a non-toxic, durable material with anti-corrosion properties. The bottom of the product is made of non-slip silicone. Volume - 200 ml.

  • Plus: the model is not subject to fading
  • Minus: high price.

Price: 774 rub. Buy

Ceramic Princess Trixie

A stylish ceramic bowl from a German manufacturer is made in a classic design by Princess Maya von Hohenzollern. Ceramic products are particularly hygienic. The volume of dishes - 180 ml. The diameter of the base is 12 cm.

  • Plus: dishwasher safe.
  • Minus: beats.

Price: 975 rub. Buy

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