Berkley Cat Food Reviews

How to feed a cat, is it worth giving canned and dry food? Speaking about the quality of food, I would like to mention canned food for Berkeley cats, which is distinguished by its special composition and balance.

Canned wet food produced in Germany deserves the attention of cat owners, as it has already established itself on the excellent side. According to what the reviews say about Berkley food for cats, pets especially like it. Eating Berkley canned goods, cats feel great, do not "complain" of digestive problems, play with pleasure and purr for quite a while.

Berkley cat food is represented by a series of canned food that differs from others, even their appearance. Apparently delicious even for humans, canned goods smell delicious and attract the attention of pets. These canned foods are presented in 11 formulas for cats and kittens. Each jar contains a product of excellent quality composition: natural meat in good percentage (about 70%), salmon oil, rice, aromatic broth, minerals, taurine, low fiber content, vitamins: ME, A, D3. There are no artificial additives in Berkeley.

Advantages of Berkeley Cat Food:

  • Convenient packaging (jars with an opener);
  • High-quality balanced composition;
  • Great choice (11 formulas);
  • Positive feedback from veterinarians, which authoritatively raises it in the eyes of the buyer.

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Cons Berkeley:

  • Not very accessible (not always available, but the alternative is to buy online);
  • There are 2% of ash;
  • Quite a high cost, but it is consistent with the quality. The price of canned food of 200 grams will be 70 rubles in Moscow (20 hryvnias in Kiev).

Reviews for Berkeley cat food are only positive. Most cat owners consider food a leader among others. If you have already bought and your cat has tried canned Berkeley - share your feedback with us!

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