Guard breeds of dogs

Since ancient times, people have trusted dogs to guard their homes, so guard dogs today are taken for granted, especially when it comes to the private sector. Such pets work properly, not allowing strangers to enter the territory entrusted to them, but each of them has its own approach to business. Today there are many watchdog breeds of dogs, most of them are large animals with a fierce appearance, but these are not all the qualities that are required to be the best of the watchmen.

Watch dog - what is it like

For dogs called up for guard activities, special requirements are imposed:

  • must have a cold mind - despite the ability to quickly become furious, dogs can get together and assess the situation;
  • must be well trained;
  • a prerequisite is balance, such a watchman will not attack if there is no obvious threat;
  • a good watchdog necessarily has an innate sense of territoriality;
  • such a pet should be focused on one owner.

Naturally, the dog must have a large size, excellent hearing, be hardy and smart - she often has to act independently.

Rating of the best guard breeds

Which breeds meet such strict criteria?

  • Caucasian Shepherd Dog. A giant dog that rightfully leads the rating. Among the main qualities of Caucasians can be noted independence and confidence. Such a dog needs an experienced owner who knows how to raise a formidable watchman. The representatives of the breed have protective qualities in the blood, so they do not need specialized training.
  • Central Asian Shepherd Dog (CAO, Alabai). These dogs are often compared with Caucasians and, indeed, there are certain similarities. But the CAO has a lighter constitution, they are more sociable and patient, better amenable to learning. Alabai are also kept on the street, the aviary is best suited, but they must be walked and allowed to communicate with other dogs.
  • Moscow Watchdog. Service breed of dogs, which was never recognized by the International Cynological Federation, but is actively bred at home. Outwardly, the Moscow watchdog resembles a St. Bernard, but is more similar in nature to a Caucasian shepherd.
  • Russian black terrier. Another name for the breed - the dog of Stalin, was bred for special military service. Black terriers have an original appearance - their curly hair even covers their eyes, but this does not prevent them from vigilantly watching what is happening around. Such a pet is not suitable for beginners, as it is quite wayward and stubborn.
  • South Russian Shepherd Dog. Representatives of this breed worked for a long time on farms - herding herds and guarding farm property. Long wool with abundant undercoat allowed them to work in harsh climatic conditions, and its white color protected it from overheating. The South Russian Shepherd Dog is an excellent guard and companion, but it is worth considering that its coat needs more careful care.
  • Bullmastiff. The ancestors of these dogs are the English mastiff and the Old English Bulldog, once they were used for bullying animals, guarding and fighting. Bullmastiffs, of course, are not so fierce, but fearlessness and endurance do not occupy them. It is possible to keep such a pet in the apartment, but, one caveat - they have increased salivation.
  • Cane Corso. Among the closest relatives of Cane Corso are the gladiator dogs, who have been appreciated since the time of Ancient Rome. After the dogs were no longer used in the war, they turned into hunters of large predators. Later, the Cane Corso became unsurpassed guards - vigilant and harsh. The modern representative of the breed is a devoted pet, getting along well with other domestic animals, taking care of the younger members of the family. He needs regular communication with his family, but is not intrusive.
  • Rottweiler. Service breed of dogs, its representatives are also suitable for the protection of apartments and house territory. They are well trained, possess the necessary suspicion and endurance. Such a pet will not make noise unnecessarily. Rottweilers can be kept both on the street, but not on a chain, or in an apartment. Do not forget about their short coat - they need a warmed box. Caring for such a pet is simple, but it needs compulsory education and training.
  • German Shepherd. This universal breed can also work as a watchman - smart, seasoned, uncompromising. Such a dog will not make noise in vain, he is able to keep the attacker until the owner arrives. You can keep a German shepherd both in the house, apartment, and on the street. But there are several nuances - shepherds molt strongly, chains do not fit, require enough space.
  • Doberman. A serious service dog with many advantages. Excellent security guards, bodyguards and watchmen are obtained from Dobermans. The endurance of these dogs allows you to attack only when there is a serious threat, according to statistics, they are mentioned less often than others in attacks on humans. Such a pet must be educated and trained, developing abilities.

Guard breeds of dogs - pets, affectionate and devoted to the family, ready to defend people, territory and property. Naturally, jokes are bad with such serious dogs, so owners should remember responsibility - the animal needs socialization, upbringing and training.

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